We aim to attract the international and Russian scientific and creative public to considering the role of the world-famous innovative school of VKHUTEMAS-VKHUTEIN in the development of art, culture, architecture and design of the XX-XXI centuries, to study the connection between avant-garde art schools of the world, VKHUTEMAS creative, theoretical and educational heritage and its role in the formation of the culture and the modern architectural and artistic process.

The further the period of the creation of the universal innovative art and design school of Moscow VKHUTEMAS-VKHUTEIN recedes in the historical perspective, the more obvious is its influence in modern culture. Which is manifested not only in the number of modern scientific publications of art and culture of the twentieth century from the UK, Germany, France, Italy and other European countries, the USA, China and Japan; but this heritage has entered the modern global information space. Over time, many students’ and graduates’ works remain interesting and of high professional artistic quality.

The influence of creative and pedagogical concepts formed at VKHUTEMAS in almost all areas and genres of art, architecture and design is comparable to the significance of the bright artistic discoveries of the twentieth century throughout the world. The legacy of VKHUTEMAS-VKHUTEIN represents a wide range of unique innovative achievements in many areas of art and design. VKHUTEMAS has become one of the symbols of the revolution in art and artistic pedagogy.

Many local and foreign schools adopted and implemented teaching methods and content of term papers and course projects of students and graduates of VKHUTEMAS.

The current stage of the development of design and architecture, communication and information processes and researches in the field of contemporary art are distinguished by the strengthening of interdisciplinary ties. In the 21st century, the unity of individual creative discoveries of masters and teachers, innovative methods of education and the bright results of professional practice of graduates again becomes an integral aspect of the development of centers of architecture and art.

However, despite the popularity and relevance of VKHUTEMAS materials, there is still no complete cultural and historical understanding of the emergence and formation of the school. Many facts, and sometimes the prevailing myths, need to be verified. The role and importance of VKHUTEMAS in the global context remains undetected; the creative fate of many teachers and graduates of the school, who formed the “golden fund” of VKHUTEMAS heritage, is not studied sufficiently.

The topic of interaction between the VKHUTEMAS-VKHUTEIN school and scientific, technical, artistic and creative organizations, social and industrial structures, and other educational organizations was practically not regarded earlier. It is necessary to scientifically reconstruct the historical and theoretical model of VKHUTEMAS-VKHUTEIN as a unique complex art-design and socio-cultural object.

VKHUTEMAS was born and developed during the period of the greatest activity of the world avant-garde. This could not leave unaffected the increased activity of figurative thinking and the new language of art, the mood of teachers and students – equal participants in a single creative process. As a result, the palette of artistic techniques became wider. Each direction possessed great potential in the educational and scientific methodological process, making it possible to form integral models of the world of new art on the basis of various formal-compositional solutions.

A century later, many of the results and outcomes of that time are perceived differently than in the years of their appearance and bloom. There is a need to create an up-to-date understanding of the methods and conditions for their implementation, the scientific reconstruction of the history of faculties, the creation of public archives that allow one to visualize in detail the stages of their evolution.